Teams form to achieve something, not just for the sake of it. We help you nail what you’re leading for and set you up to execute with pace and agility.


Leadership Team Recharge and Focus

A unique combination of creative, yet disciplined thinking that challenged and stretched an experienced and strong-willed leadership team. Together, we quickly built momentum throughout the total organisation - from the boardroom to the factory floor.

Jeff Rothman, VP Marketing, Danone

Continuous change requires leaders to really step up – and yet most leadership teams are crippled by small dysfunctions that cascade into waves of frustration and wasted effort.

The strongest teams form in the work. We help leadership teams at all levels to translate purpose into plans, and plans into execution.

We identify the elephants in the room - ensuring the team argue out their views and build stronger relationships.

And - critically - they leave with a plan they feel ownership for and a process that will keep them united back in the day to day.

Within 2 months at Asda...


uplift in internal NPS