Vishal Amin



Disruptive business creation, business growth strategy, new ventures, commercial due diligence & funding, maximising existing assets.

Business highlights

Inventing Director | ?What If! Innovation
Led and supported clients undergoing significant business model reinvention to tackle market disruption, business growth or diversification into new markets and segments. Projects included building a game changing strategy for a global healthcare business, developing new multi-billion pound business opportunities for a large FS player and identifying new opportunities to tackle disruption in the automotive market.

Consultant | McKinsey & Company
Worked across multiple industries supporting clients on strategic, operational and financial challenges. Specific projects included organisational transformation at a leading UK based Telco, multiple investment and strategically focused due diligences, private equity portfolio optimisation and supporting efforts to make a national health service deliver improved quality and efficiency.

Finance Director | Care Management International Inc.
Part of the Leadership team that grew an innovative business from 8 people to hundreds and built a pioneering global service provider for the US healthcare industry that led to the start of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why I love what I do

It's very rare to find yourself in a role where you can guide, support and often challenge powerful leaders through a difficult journey that produces the type of tangible result we all end up seeing as consumers in the world. I love that I get to partner with these impressive businesses and people to tackle the thorniest commercial challenges and ultimately crack them with disruptive, game changing solutions, all while having fun.

A business result I'm proud of

I was a member of a team of 8 that used an innovative approach to revolutionise a stagnant industry. Ultimately we kicked off an entirely new way of service delivery that allowed us to build a global business of 400+ employees across 3 continents within 5 years, and seed what is now a billion dollar industry that improves the lives of millions of patients across North America.

A business reinvention I admire

For me this has to be Amazon. Their ability to flex, adapt and evolve their business to meet the current market needs, irrespective of its perceived impact on 'business as usual', is energising and refreshing. Whether that was the introduction of the Kindle, which spelt the end of its core book sales but completely transformed their brand and the role they could play in consumers lives, or using their platform to become the world's biggest consumer retailer.