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Sonny Tadjer



DevOps, cloud computing, infrastructure management, IT, storage, security.

Business highlights

Co-founder | FlexInfra
During the beginning of the Cloud computing with 3 colleagues we opened a Cloud provider company to bring the most advanced technologies for small and medium companies. We have worked our product in association with Alcatel Lucent Enterprise and SFR to create a hybrid cloud platform.

Cloud Architect | SFR
The main area of focus was to find new ways to deliver Cloud computing resources and keep all the data in France. Built a strong infrastructure from the ground up, putting in place deployment processes and bug controls. Responsible for managing 3 DevOps guys.

Presale Architect | Orange
Led the back-up project for GrDF to implement a strong reliable solution for their 3 data centres. I was in charge of building the architecture, making the commercial proposal and finding a reliable partnership with an Oracle expert company for the Install and Support.

Why I love what I do

I love constant evolution. I am resilient and think every business and infrastructure should be. I am passionate about bringing Digital and Technology to every kind of company.

A business result I'm proud of

When I joined a start-up called Numergy, now owned by Altis group, I moved their whole infrastructure from scrappy to strong. I implemented rule and design for their infrastructure, and was able to fix all the latent problems. As a result they were able to operate and host new clients faster, I was also able to cut Windows licence cost by 40%.