We are igniting momentum during COVID-19

Ronan Gallocker



Graphic design, illustration, visual storytelling, storyboarding, publication design

A supercharged team I have been a part of

I was part of a team of 6 friends who canoed the length of the River Spey (160km) and wild camped each night along the way. We worked hard, keeping spirits high no matter despite the heavy rain and managed to get to the end in 5 days.

Business highlights

Designer | OTM

Worked across an array of projects across financial and public sectors. Designing and producing marketing collateral, exhibitions, moving image and more. Clients included - HSBC, TfL, Citibank, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and more

Designer | Silver Cross

Worked in a small team to create global marketing content for a high-end baby brand. Designing pieces across digital, print and retail space, seeing designs implemented around the world. 


Why I love what I do

I find the power of design to be remarkable, especially that of good design. Being able to create something that can make you look, think, feel in different ways is powerful and has the ability to cut through a world of noise. And at the end of the day, it’s a pretty fun job to have.

A business result that I’m proud of

Shortly after joining the company I was assigned to a team working with a UK bank that was in need of clear direction. They needed a blueprint to encapsulate the business’ purpose in a clear and concise way.

Despite being new to the business, I took lead on the design and worked with the team to produce content that sparked a real change for the bank. The event was a success and the blueprint is still at the core of their business.