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Rob Ellis


Business Expertise

Strategy definition, workshop design, communication through Storytelling, facilitation

A supercharged team that I’ve been part of

Death Valley, 37 Celsius, 100 miles to Las Vegas. For me, supercharged teams get the mission that they’re on, they get their collective strengths and weaknesses, and they get why what they’re doing matters. So my example is from The Speed Project – 6 runners, 4 support crew, 1 RV battling the 340 miles of running, the heat of Death Valley and the teams of other elite runners from across the world. Against the odds – the big budgets, large teams and amazing previous performances – our team worked tirelessly and selflessly for the good of each other, and our race performance; we pushed each other, took turns driving and running, pacing, napping and cooking to get to the finish line in one piece.

Business Highlights

Innovation Consultant | Accenture Consulting: CMT UKI & Global

From building innovation into the way Executives think, to solution ideation and definition. Designing, facilitating and leading workshops across a range of different clients across communications, media and technology. Storytelling and Design Thinking coaching and teaching across Accenture UKI FORM deployment, predominantly across UKI. Previously a design lead at the London Innovation Centre.

Forensic Accountant | Alvarez & Marsal

Investigation analyst and ACA candidate within the Forensics and Disputes team in the A&M UK office; working across a number of investigations across financial services and aerospace and defence. Stints of work in valuations and deal advisory teams.  

Why I love what I do

Business are dominated by emotional decision makers who think they’re entirely logical. Through my own journey from left-brain-logic driven Forensic Accountant to design thinking and storytelling facilitation I’ve constantly challenged how people make decisions, what they do to ignite and inspire their teams and why that matters for customers and colleagues alike.

A business result I’m proud of:

I worked with a major water retailer as part of their regulatory business plan definition, leading on all things Affordability & Vulnerability. I worked with the client to expand the rationale for bill discounts for low income households, using a combination of carrot and stick for internal teams and Exec to show the true value of doing something great; we secured thousands of additional households discounts on their water bills, making a sizeable dent into UK water poverty.