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Patrick Agley



Logistics, conflict management, relationship construction, Prioritisation, go to person. project and event management, strategic agenda.

A supercharged team I’ve been a part of

Working at The Ritz London was a huge learning experience. As the global benchmark for service, the teams I worked in held an incredibly high standard to meet the expectations of large delegations of international guests, politicians and celebrities. 

It's inspired me to strive towards the same quality of output in my current role, investing time in the prep and hard work behind the scenes to ensure the experience for our clients is the best it can be.

Business highlights

Personal Assistant | Archduchess of Austria

Running the day to day logistics for a very high profile individual, including travel, an international property empire, a billion pound art collection and crisis management.

Traveling Assistant CEO of Al Ghain Industries

Based in Kuwait, managing strategic agenda and logistics for a CEO running 23 businesses.

Why I love what I do

I enjoy working with so many clients across various industries and managing a large number of high profile stakeholders.

There is so much energy within the business - I love interacting with my peers and helping to solve challenges as they arise.

A business result I’m proud of

Whilst working at The Ritz London, I managed our largest ever international delegation, filling 60% of our rooms. However, upon arrival, the delegation were extremely unorganised, with no luggage tags, limited payment cards and all trying to check in at once. It was a huge logistical challenge to maintain order, professionalism and exceptionally high levels of service through a chaotic situation.