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Miranda Beckett



Research, project management, talent strategy and account management

A supercharged team I have been part of..

I was part of a volunteering group for a charity in Nicaragua that provided training to microfinance businesses.  We had very ambitious targets and although we all spoke different languages and had different skills, we smashed our target and were able to get grants for every business that we worked with. Constant collaboration and clear expectations meant that we were all pulling in the same direction and we could totally depend on each member of the team.

Business highlights

Researcher | The Grace Blue Partnership 
Led creative talent identification for a leading executive search company. My focus was on market mapping and interviewing c-suite leaders of creatively led agencies and brands.  

Why I love what I do

I am fascinated by the dynamics of leadership teams and how a united leadership team can be the key factor in a thriving business. I love seeing leadership teams debate the important issues and emerge totally aligned on what they need to do to succeed, and the impact that has on their teams

A business result I’m proud of

I worked with one of the world’s leading corporate communications firms who were looking to amp up their creative offering by hiring a new Executive Creative Director. We helped define what their creative output would be and created a new structure, hiring three senior leaders with differing focuses across the business. They worked in collaboration to make the business better equipped to combine creativity with their business strategy, providing an advantage over their competitors.