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Lauren Newton



Business strategy development, transformation program management

A supercharged team I have been a part of

I spent some time working in Bangalore, upskilling the local team in preparation for transferring millions of pounds worth of client work offshore. Their first experimentation into offshore delivery – the clients expectations were high, and so too were the local teams nervousness. Together, over a period of three months we broke down cultural boundaries, tested our communication skills, worked and re-worked processes and solutions and stretched the concept of a working day across multiple time zones. Supercharged for us meant surfacing expectations early, learning when to say no, communicating with absolute clarity and letting ourselves have fun in the challenge.

Business Highlights

People Consultant | Freelance
Provided people, change and culture expertise to clients undergoing long term transformation programmes – clients included ASOS, General Medical Council, University College London and the Home Office.

Principle Consultant | PA Consulting
Led teams to deliver change and transformation programmes across the private and public sector – clients included Barclays, HSBC, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Southern and Scottish Energy, Home Office and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service.

Consultant | Accenture
Delivered the training and change activities required to globally standardise the operating model of downstream retail operations at a leading oil and gas player.

Why I love what I do

The challenges clients are grappling with are tough. Stared at alone they seem bigger, uglier and bolder than they are. For me, working with leaders who really care about the companies they work for, and are wiling to thrash it out to find to find that fresh perspective is always an exhilarating and demanding process. The moment when teams realise that they have the power to solve the problem, and more importantly that they have, will still be some of the best moments of my working week.

A business result I'm proud of

This retail bank needed to change the way they operated to remain competitive in the market - moving away from burdensome, bureaucratic processes that no longer served them to adopting more agile working and product development practices. A global brand seeped in history with hundreds of thousands of employees, changing the way people thought and approached their work wasn’t going to be easy. We were working with the ExCo and their Senior Leadership teams to define what organisational agility meant for them. A couple of months into our work, we discovered a group leaders had self-organised themselves into a cross-continent task force tackling priorities that were collectively going to shift the dial for their teams. Doing this without prompts, proved to us that not only did they get it but that they were ready to run with it.