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Kirsty Osborne



Growth strategy and innovation, Business Strategy, digital strategy.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

Playing hockey at an international level was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. It’s a fantastic honour to represent your country, however that comes with a responsibility to not let them down. When performing at the highest level, it was imperative that everyone had complete clarity on their roles within the team, gave critical feedback but also encouraged and supported one another to drive the group towards success.

Business highlights

Redesign Manager | Accenture Innovation Centre
Along with the Innovation Centre Director I was responsible for redefining the Centre's strategic vision, the operating model and co-designed and delivered a £3M transformation of the space and software used within it.

Workshop Design Lead | Accenture Innovation Centre
Responsible for managing relationships with the c-suite of organisations to help them define and answer their key strategic challenges. Led teams in the design, delivery and facilitation of over 40 workshops; from the research of client specific concerns through to the development of impactful and engaging stimulus.

Strategy Analyst | Human Services
Part of a global team that conducted a 6-month Strategy Refresh of Accenture Human Services Digital Strategy. Researched, designed, delivered and launched go-to market 4-year strategic plan and associated financial model.

Why I love what I do

Having grown up as part of the Harry Potter generation, I not only read about magic but I am part of an ever growing society that expects magic from every organisation that I interact with. This has led me to develop a passion in helping leaders understand what magic within their organisation means. Whether it is unpicking the complex environment around an organisation to help develop a strategy that ignites their future or understanding how an organisations culture can be used to propel them forward, I thrive when presented with a ‘big question’ that needs a ‘big answer’.

A business result I'm proud of

A UK household retail business renowned for its customer closeness was looking to understand how they could use customer insight to bring value to the organisation. After having been round the houses of consultancies I was challenged with designing and delivering an experience to shift their thinking on the topic. By reframing the problem from a customer’s standpoint and disregarding data, I was able to shift the c-suites attitude towards customer insight. As a result, the organisation moved away from talking about the number of data points they monitored, and redefined their customer insight strategy to focus on the questions they want to answer and action about their customer.