Waves of COVID: 4 Critical Steps to Accelerate out of the Pandemic

Kate Manson


Business Expertise

Workshop design, facilitation, learning and development, HR Strategy, change management,  employee engagement

A supercharged team I have been a part of

At ASOS, I established the first network of Mental Health First Aiders. It was a rewarding role to play in the business but also pretty tough at times. As a team we had to accept when we felt out of depth, be vulnerable with each other and make sure we asked for help when we needed it. Knowing we could lean on each other meant we always felt supported and learned a lot together.

Business Highlights 

Learning & Development Partner | ASOS 
Partnering with the Technology side of the business to understand skills requirements and design solutions that had real cultural impact.

Change Partner | ASOS
Designing behavioural change frameworks and toolkits to ensure optimum change capability and performance throughout the business, during a time of unprecedented internal changes. 

Change Management Consultant | North Highland
Change Management Specialist focused on HR transformation and technology change programmes.

Why I love what I do

Having worked in both consulting roles and internal HR teams I'm passionate about what inspires and motivates people to work at their best every day and enjoy what they do. Getting people to think differently and challenge traditional ways of working gets me excited.  

A business result I'm proud of

Leading the change management of a successful HR transformation programme that impacted 4000 global employees and fundamentally elevated the work that HR could do in the business.