Jonny Gunga



Business strategy development, transformation programme management, mobilisation and delivery, people-change leadership.

A supercharged team I’ve been a part of

Leeds United FC fan club. Not an obvious team but certainly a large group of people supercharged around a united passion. We come from different backgrounds and have many disagreements, but we give space and respect for that, have a lot of fun with it and passionately unite in supporting the team.

I apply those principles every day in helping clients supercharge their teams; respect differences, unite to a common purpose and have some fun!

Business highlights

Director and Interim Transformation Leader | The Spark

Ran own business providing freelance and interim business transformation services including setting the leadership approach for £850m of transformation in NATS; establishing and running the industry readiness programme for a £7bn investment in London’s railways with Network Rail; and providing individual life and career coaching

Senior Management Consultant | Deloitte

Specialist in the set-up and delivery of major organisation change and strategy, working with business and transformation executives to put people at the core of their plans

Business Change Manager | Network Rail

Established the approaches and capability for business transformation, throughout strategy development, portfolio management, transformation delivery and front-line people change.

Why I love what I do

Businesses can only succeed with the right engagement from the right people. I love bringing a focus to this and provoking leaders to think about how they can harness this in their strategies, plans and decision making – ‘what will this look like or mean for our people or customers?’ I love doing this in big business, blending a focus on the commercial, human and societal aspects and helping make the complex, clear.

A business result I’m proud of

Helping the rail industry overcome painful and conflict-filled ‘relationships’ and providing the focus on people to help increase the number of services to and through London, establishing an industry-first joint programme to do this.