Hugh Pickering



Purpose and strategy, organisational culture, facilitation and group dynamics.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

Many moons ago a friend and I cycled from my house in London to the Colosseum in Rome. Over nineteen days, six countries and two mountain ranges, it was teamwork that kept us going. We had commitment to a shared goal, total willingness to back each other, and vulnerability to share when things went wrong. These are all important lessons for leaders and businesses. We were a small team, but a mighty one.

Business highlights

Manager | Deloitte
Member of a specialist consulting team helping private businesses solve complex strategy, governance and succession issues. I mainly worked across sectors in the Middle East and Asia, helping owners and leaders articulate a compelling vision, align around it, and then totally overhaul their way of working to make it happen.

Why I love what I do

I love igniting a sense of purpose in people (and businesses) that didn’t think they had one. There’s something fundamentally exciting about the moment when someone realises that it’s not just permissible to have a purpose other than profit; it’s essential. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

A business result I'm proud of

A major Turkish financial institution came to us as they were approaching a significant transition in ownership and leadership. The business had a fantastic culture, but without a clear articulation of what made it special there was a fear that something might be lost in the change. Over several intense working sessions we captured the essence of the organisation, nailing the behaviours and operating principles that made up its DNA. By identifying ‘the magic’, the business was able to double down on the factors that had driven success to date and thrive under a new generation of leadership.