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George Okell



Business strategy, project management, research and relationship management.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

In a team of 5, our dissertation focused on the future of automotive retail and was produced for and sponsored by Mercedes-Benz in Milan. The group comprised 5 nationalities and a diverse range of skills. Lacking auto-industry experience, we were willing to question everything when exploring changing consumer trends and surveying Mercedes customers. The team was open and free of preconceptions; by challenging each other we produced a report that was recognised by Accenture.

Business highlights

Analyst | Accenture Open Innovation
The Accenture Open Innovation team ran an incubator to engage with retail startups developing solutions of relevance to Accenture's clients. I researched and met with a range of startup founders to talk through their products, business model and growth plans. The team served as a matchmaker and successfully introduced a number of start ups with C-suite clients, which in turn led to proof of concepts being developed.

Project Coordinator | Okells Garden Centre
I worked within the family retail business, carrying out a number of operational projects. This typically meant implementing software products, be that across point-of-sale, HR or accounts. The goal was to provide the management team with more data while increasing opportunities for delegation and empowerment of staff.

Why I love what I do

I have always been fascinated by change and businesses now face a mind-bending mix of environmental, technological and global shifts that make change the only constant. Developing a strategy is one thing but knowing why you exist and having people united around this purpose is another challenge entirely. My role allows me to see how the leaders of the biggest businesses navigate change and gives me the opportunity to help in this process.

A business result I'm proud of

As part of a team I worked with a leading investment management firm before the launch of a new online platform for customers to access their investments. This was an innovative step forward for a company that had otherwise been operating unchanged for decades. We developed the target operating model to ensure that their customer-centric values would be effectively instilled across a range of newly formed operations.