Franki Knott



People management, process engineering, professional services, global organisations, technical product development.

Business highlights

Product Owner | TMF Group

Working closely with technical teams and global end users, I oversaw the development and deployment of several online products designed to digitalise client services or improve operations across 80+ TMF offices. These technology-enabled initiatives yielded significant efficiency savings, as well as €millions projected revenue growth.

Resource Management Lead | KPMG

By applying a client consulting lens, I was able to radically modify and “professionalise” the way internal resource management was managed in the KPMG management consulting division. Introducing leaner processes and meaningful management information, I led by example and helped transform resourcing from a collection of administrative personnel into a dynamic and trusted function within the business.

Operations Transformation Consultant | KPMG

Working across the B2B and B2C sectors, I supported and led multi-discipline KPMG and client teams on successful cost reduction, IT integration, operating model and process improvement programmes.

Why I love what I do

I’m naturally inquisitive and love a puzzle – this makes me a passionate problem solver and someone who seeks out improvement opportunities, whatever the context or activity. Some people love facts and figures; I’m more about understanding the psychology and behaviours that make things the way they are.

I’m at my most vivacious and dynamic when I’m rallying the troops - or taking people on a journey to share a vision and initiate a movement.

A business result I'm proud of

Not all products are created equally and having joined an overstretched team, I determined that three applications in our portfolio would not meet business requirements, or otherwise fail to yield the necessary return on investment.

Considered communications and the proposal of alternative solutions that were fit for purpose meant that stakeholders suffered the least negative impact, protecting the integrity of the overall approach and clearing the way for better use of resources.