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Eleanor Goodman


Business expertise

Project management, client relationship management and creative business strategy.

Business Highlights

Head of Operations | Partnership Operations

Responsible for input into changing and shaping the business strategy. Managed a complete overhaul of the ecommerce offering as well as exhibitions and events to increase brand awareness, revenue and support the careers of the artists we represented.

Marketing Communications Assistant | Baillie Gifford Investment Management

Responsible for producing pitch decks for prospective clients and inputting into product positioning. Working on launching a new fund with fresh branding taught me rigorous attention to detail and how to bring the data to life through design and great copy.

Why I love what I do

Working in business is a constantly changing and evolving environment and I love learning and adapting. Not just reacting to but anticipating change and getting better at it at every step. I’m always looking for new ways of thinking about things and value working in teams that support and encourage sustainable and impressive improvements for all those involved in a business from end user to employee.

A business result I’m proud of

At Partnership Editions I was involved in bringing the brand to life over three months in a retail space. This involved developing an entirely new strategy alongside maintaining the core e-commerce of the business. It lead not only to an increased volume of sales but to genuine and lasting relationships with clients and the artists we represented. It gave them a physical space to explore their practice and created strong human connection that we extended out of the core strategy of the business and into the offshoot. I was most proud of how this was a continuation of rather than diversion from the central aspect of the business and worked hard to maintain those relationships and communications to make sure we were being true to the business and setting realistic but challenging goals.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

I was running an exhibition of artwork from students across London universities. The biennial exhibition required fundraising, outreach and promotion with few resources but a wealth of guidance. The team utilised connections and expertise from outside to grow our own experience and inform the project. We were able to share that knowledge throughout the team and we would never have been able to achieve the successful exhibition we put on without everyone being committed to getting better at each turn. It was down to this joint purpose and excellent communication that we were all in touch with what we were looking to achieve and then able to achieve it.