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Daniel Minis



Management consultancy, defining talent strategies, personality assessments, redefining culture.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

Analysing the culture of any company is a tough gig, and doing so with a team of consultants spread out all over the country can be challenging.

I was part of a team of 10 consultants doing just that for one of the biggest transportation companies in the world, interviewing employees in over 20 locations.

Without a single face-to-face meeting amongst our team, we were able to share and collate our findings, keep everyone informed, and ultimately provide the client with the advice needed to improve their global culture.

Business Highlights

Recruitment Consultant | Annapurna Recruitment

Built the engineering teams for several Start-ups in the Innovation Hub Berlin.

Consultant | EVOLOG Consulting GmbH

Business and Management Consulting through the psychological lens. Main areas of expertise: Reconciling quarrelling management boards, Defining HR and talent strategies, Personality and Successor Assessment. 

Why I love what I do

Growing up in a family business I wondered from a young age: ‘why is leading people and teams so hard’? This sparked my interest in the intersection of psychology and business and has led me on my path ever since.

I am fascinated by the enormous potential that people have and the even bigger potential of teams. My answer to the initial question after two degrees and multiple years of experience is ‘it’s complicated’!

A business result I’m proud of

When one of Europe’s biggest retailers appointed a new CFO an avalanche of conflicts was set loose in his department.

In-dept interviews unearthed the bitter reality: conflict resolution had been stifled for the last 20 years by the preceding CFO. The new Chief, believing in the importance of resolving conflicts set everything loose at once and was overwhelmed by the variety, detail and sheer mass of topics.

Through a 2-year long process of off and onsite meetings, the conflicts could be resolved, and the management team could work with only minor replacements. Today they are a machine – on their way to becoming a well-oiled one.