Atif Sheikh



Organisational transformation, transformational leadership and commercial strategy, brand building, proposition development, innovation.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

I worked for 17 years on a summer school for 16 year olds from where I grew up in inner city northwest London. Our key aim was to give them a chance to explore their aspirations, take on the unfamiliar and build self-belief. My biggest lesson? The power of community. The biggest predictor of individual success year in year out was whether groups from rival schools became one team in support of one another. If everyone supported each other, challenged each other - confidence became infectious. It was incredible to witness the newfound courage that was unleashed in every individual to take more on.

Business highlights

Director & European Business Leader | ?What If! Innovation
Led transformation & innovation work which drove growth for Aviva, Samsung, CNN, Pepsico and PaddyPower - amongst others.

Marketing Management | Burtons, Diageo, Unilever
Developed and executed innovation, brand and trade strategies to drive turnaround & double digit growth.

Why I love what I do

Large organisations can easily get lost in the pace and complexity of market disruption. I am totally driven by creating renewed clarity and unlocking human potential in that context. What gets me out of bed is seeing the surge in belief and energy people experience when their organisation moves from decks and initiatives to real change in the way business is done.

A business result I'm proud of

Working with the Group Exec of Aviva to pull off the rebirth of a 30,000 person organisation - with renewed vision, pace, pride and skills.