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Anuja Shah



Operations coordinator, office management, accounting, data analysing.

A supercharged team I have been a part of

If there is ever a need for a supercharged team, it's when planning a 4-day wedding in Thailand for over 250 guests. Leading the organisation of such a special day, working with suppliers across numerous countries and solving thousands of logistical issues required patience, exceptional planning and the ability to find creative solutions to large problems. Having overcome such a test has given me the confidence to face all future challenges head on.

Business highlights

Operations Coordinator | Textile Firm
Managed the smooth running of the office and its environment. Identified inefficiencies between back and front office, implementing solutions to simplify and improve their effectiveness.

Audit Assistant | KPMG
Worked across industries, from insurance to real estate, adapting to the individual characteristics of each company in order to support the delivery of complex audits.

Why I love what I do

I am passionate about processes and constantly strive to simplify them within the business. I am inspired by the people around me and I enjoy absorbing their creativity and thinking about how I can support that. I also love numbers – from crunching through them in detail, to using them to see the bigger picture and business impact.

A business result I'm proud of

Within a couple of months of working in Auditing, I was asked to run audits for several subsidiaries of a large investment firm on my own. I balanced a focus on delving deep into the complex details of the accounts, whilst also maintaining a high-level view of the company and wider environment in order to gain a robust understanding of the financials. Combined with strong stakeholder management and flexibility, I was able to deliver successfully and efficiently.