Waves of COVID: 4 Critical Steps to Accelerate out of the Pandemic

Adam Sweeney


Innovation, Brand strategy, Culture and Behaviour Change, Research and Insight

Business Highlights 

Senior Consultant | Fluxx
Creating the conditions for innovation success - from building a test and learn culture, to facilitating executive decision making, to getting teams fired up for new ways of working.

Associate Strategy Director | KBS Albion
Identifying disruption opportunities for corporates, guiding creative teams to execute and test solutions, and embedding solutions within businesses. I led the development of Albion’s culture change proposition.

Why I love what I do

For better or worse, we spend more time at work than anywhere else. It can be a source of pain and mental illness, or a source of purpose, community and growth. I’m energised by having the hard, human conversations that make the difference between stagnation and change.

A business result I'm proud of

I worked with the 4th ranking payments business in the world. They had 12 CEOs, fragmented brands and products, and a miserly valuation. In 12 months, we took them from unknown to pro. I loved uniting a conflicted leadership team behind one vision - then seeing teams light up with pride as they saw it manifest across 18 countries. The business was sold to private equity for $4bn, and they’ve been on the up ever since.  

A supercharged team I have been a part of...

My partner and I are the best team I’ve been a part of. We’re supportive, driven and we laugh a lot. We make big decisions together, but trust each other to do the right thing too. And when we need to, we disagree kindly and productively. Hallmarks of a great team (which comes in handy, since we recently had a baby!)