Waves of COVID: 4 Critical Steps to Accelerate out of the Pandemic

Yorkshire Building Society

Unleashing team ingenuity at the front line leading to an increase sales referrals by 200%



of Yorkshire Building Society participants would recommend the Rapid Improvement Process to others

In the 27 years that I've worked at YBS and the different programmes I've been through, none have been as good as this. The process has unleashed fresh potential and more importantly their self-belief.

Louise Drake, National Sales Manager, Yorkshire Building Society

After a year's work - starting with the exec to land their strategic blueprint, then reinventing the objective setting process with senior leaders, the job to be done was empowering frontline teams to work more effectively.


We applied our Rapid Improvement approach to enable two teams at YBS to identify and rapidly implement performance impacting changes, and embed the mindset, method and rhythm to maintain the approach in future.

We ran a workshop which helped the teams accomplish 3 jobs:

  1. Focus: determine and align on the teams’ objectives and key results, before identifying the key moments that determine their success.
  2. Ideate: get under the skin of what is holding the team back and then ideate against a reframed problem statement to help the team improve in those key moments.
  3. Act: prioritise solutions and create clear, practical steps to drive change, and set the team up for success with the mindset, resources and tools for continuous rapid improvement.

6 months on and the teams at Yorkshire Building Society are seeing improved performance as a result of integrating the Rapid Improvement process into their daily rhythms. But more importantly, those teams are set up to maintain the approach and get at the heart of driving continuous rapid improvement.