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Electronic Arts

Creating transformational events for global studios to supercharge the greatest games company in the world.

You pushed us really hard to think differently about what being a gaming company means over the next 10 years and it changed not only our strategy but fundamentally the way we think about making games.

Patrick Söderlund, former Chief Design Officer, Electronic Arts

For a number of years we've partnered with EA to shape its strategy and bring global studios together from across the world in an annual Core Summit. A forum designed to re-energise, inspire and focus their game makers - helping them stretch their thinking and keep changing faster than the world around them.

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What made the difference?

The world of gaming is at the cutting edge, but like the rest of us it's easy to forget to look up and out at what's happening in the world outside. Each year, we shaped new experiences that brought the outside in, including; taking 300 game makers to 30 inspiring organisations

all pushing boundaries in their field, interviewing extreme gamers all with unique relationships to play, speaking with neuroscientists about the importance that play has in our psychology - all designed to get leaders to reconnect to why they do what they do.

How did we do it?

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