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Measuring the Hidden Power of Teaming

Businessfourzero partners with Temporall to create the Teams Intelligence Index


Businessfourzero is pleased to announce that we have partnered with organisational intelligence experts Temporall to create the Teams Intelligence Index (TII).

About the Teams Intelligence Index

Teams are the powerhouse of your business. A team of ten outperforms ten individuals any day of the week.

64% of people report that they are in more than one team, and 75% report that their teams aren’t represented in their organisation chart1.

These 'hidden’ teams are hard to measure and understand which is why most team effectiveness programmes miss the mark.

The Teams Intelligence Index (TII) is a platform designed to really understand teams and teaming in your business

It’s not another survey or effectiveness model. It’s a platform that draws from people data (what they say) and systems data (what they do) to shine a light on:

  • Team performance: why some teams are smashing it and which teams need supercharging;
  • Team of teams: connections across the network of teams and how they work together;

all of which allows us to shape the right solutions to supercharge teams using Rapid Improvement.

About Workbench, the Temporall Solution

TII is hosted on Temporall's Organisational Intelligence platform, Workbench. Using machine learning and data analytics, Workbench collects and analyses data from across enterprise systems like Slack, Teams and Workplace – and combines it with survey data direct from your people to give you a true read on team performance across 5 dimensions:

  • How emotionally committed teams are;
  • How effectively they work together;
  • How adaptive teams are to change;
  • How strong relationships are;
  • How teaming works across the business – the team of teams.

With all that insight we bring our years of experience to supercharge your teams at scale.

Experience the Teams Intelligence Index (TII)

businessfourzero is offering a 3-month license free opportunity to use the Teams Intelligence Index (TII) for up to 3 businesses who apply for the pilot within the next 3 weeks (by Friday November 20th). To register, please email theo.keane@businessfourzero.com. Conditions apply.

Darren Ashby, businessfourzero Client Partner says:

“Every business needs to change faster than the world outside. At Businessfourzero we do that by supercharging teams for change. Often our clients struggle with how to identify and decode brilliant teams, and how those teams collaborate with others to form powerful teams of teams. TII combined with our Rapid Improvement methodology will allow us to step change every team in our clients’ businesses.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder adds:

“businessfourzero are the latest organisation to join the Temporall partner ecosystem. A company formed by industry experts, they strive to supercharge their clients’ teams and their dedication to utilising our game-changing platform to help them do so is really exciting. We’re looking forward to seeing this partnership deliver significant value for their clients!”

Interested in using Workbench? Contact Temporall and read about why Premium Partners choose Workbench.

1 ADP Research Institute, 2018